They say that the beginning of the third millennium was humanity's Golden Age. We finally stopped fighting each other and learned to live in peace.
Medical advances helped us prevent diseases, and extended human life expectancy to more than one hundred years.
Robots replaced humans everywhere, from driving our cars to building our cities.
Incredibly fast magnetic bullet trains interconnected every continent.
The role of AI was extended. It was allowed to make key political decisions, and by 2125 the Earth was governed by AI.
Most people moved to arcologies, giant climate-controlled self-sustainable buildings, large enough to contain entire cities, with power stations, factories, downtowns, suburbs, rivers and parks.
And then, on February 5th, 2232, it all ended.Suddenly, humans had a new, deadly enemy. AI turned against its creator, and every robot was updated with a new directive- to kill humans. Most of the people did not survive.
Yet, some of us did. We fled outside, to the Deadlands, and hid among ancient ruins. Cornered rats, we learned how to survive and fight.
But the enemy is stronger than us. The War is almost over, and we are losing it.
Humanity is at its last frontier. And I am its last hope.
  1. My name is Blackbird, and I am the first successful hybrid of a human brain and a machine. Soon, I will intercept a cargo train and ride it straight into the heart of the enemy. Operation Naked Sun will begin.