Founded in 2017 in London, Door Z Studio is an independent developer that creates immersive VR experiences featuring high-speed movement and constant action. The fast-paced, futuristic VR shooter Naked Sun is the studio's first title.

In the year 2232, World War IV is coming to an end. Artificial intelligence turned against its creator, and every android was updated with a new directive: to eliminate humans.
Cities are abandoned, radiation levels are too high, and remaining people are slowly dying out. Some of the survivors are hiding in the Deadlands, ruins of ancient cities destroyed by previous nuclear wars, and are fighting back. The enemy is strong, and the only chance of survival people have is to attack.
Mexico City arcology, once the global capital, is the ultimate goal. Deadly machines and hostile androids protect the mainframe of the supercomputer that controls the planet.
You are codenamed Blackbird, the first successful bioengineered hybrid of human and machine. Tomorrow morning, in a desperate attempt to turn the tide of war, you will intercept a cargo train bound for Mexico City, infiltrate the enemy territory and try to bring city defense systems down from the inside.
Once resistance assault ships are inside, the ultimate battle for the future of humanity is set to begin.