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What is Naked sun?
The game that we are building now is called Naked Sun. It is a fast paced VR shooter set within sci-fi environment, with the player constantly moving.

The core idea is exactly this, constantly moving. There are other VR games where the player is moving, but we are yet to see a good implementation of that. Everything that we came across is either too slow or too give-me-the-bucket nauseating.

We think we did things differently. In Naked Sun, there will be no motion sickness and there will be speed, action and adventure, and lots of it.

The working premise of the game is basic enough. Humans of tomorrow are fighting a losing battle against evil AI. Cities are abandoned, radiation levels are too high, and remaining people are slowly dying out.

Players take on a role of Adam — a human-friendly android, one of the last androids on Earth still operating under zeroth law of robotics, "to serve and protect humanity". Adam's mission is to intercept a cargo train going into the global capital, Mexico City Archology, and ride the train deep inside enemy territory.

After city defences are down, the ultimate battle of human survival is set to begin.